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ProCam 6 – ProCam 6 is the best camera app for the iPhone in the segment. This app offers a perfect balance between the picture video while shooting. It also supports different modes like night, timer, slow, portrait and so on. These options what we found in this app is basically like a DSLR camera. It allows us manually to adjust the focus, ratio and image resolution. It also supports 4K video recording.


Proshot – proshot is a camera app that is very popular. This app has modes which can be used in different lighting. You can control this app by manual features like shutter speed, white balance, intensity and exposure. It has a raw image file which is known as the DNG file format which controls the resolution and time-lapse in a proper image source.


Instagram – Instagram will change your way of clicking the pictures, as this app allows us to click the pictures closely as possible. When especially in low light this app opens the camera lens wider and brighter to capture the picture in the best lighting. This app also has the filters to change the image into dark or light and from one colour to different colour.


Obscura 2 – Obscura app allows the user to capture the image and edit at the same time. This app brings the controls you normally would expect like a DSLR camera to the iPhone. Obscura is designed with designs, various controls and filters which attracts the image in your way. Whenever you start capturing depth effect it allows you to capture portrait mode and more. It also has the quick adjustments likes to focus, ISO and shutter.

YouCam perfect – This application is especially for taking a selfie. Whenever you want to look different then,  you have to change the looks before going for a selfie. This app is also helpful for when taking a group selfie, just you have to wave your hand it captures itself for you without any effort from you. It also detects the faces and applies effects according to the faces how they look like.

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